TechShark.WordPress.com is the brainchild of an insomniac IT practitioner who found himself with some spare time at night and thought of doing something worthwhile.

What’s With The Blog?

People spend a lot of money on Research and Development (R&D) in order to improve a certain technology, product or service. New advances in IT happen every minute because of the R&D trend. In fact, new technology or gadgets will probably have been invented by the time it takes you to finish reading this section. With the rapid pace of development, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the latest technology buzzwords or gadgets.

So why should anyone bother keeping up with such a rapid development pace?

Since most of our daily activities are a performed with tools that are products of technology, it won’t hurt to know which tool offers a better value in terms of ease of use, price and performance.

How does TechShark.WrodPress.com fit in?

This blog is geared towards providing you some of latest IT trends and technologies as well as providing you with the proper tools for tackling IT-related problems.